About Mundo Maya Brewing Company

Mundo Maya Brewing company is the creation of long time Playa Del Carmen resident John “Jungle John” Nielson. Originally from Canada but now also a Mexican citizen, John pioneered the first ATV motorcycle jungle tour of Playa del Carmen back in 1995 when Playa was just starting to develop. After selling the ATV tour, John returned to Canada for a short time where he became reacquainted with his old hobby of brewing and craft beers. His brewing hobby grew into a business interest as the micro-brewing industry was taking off in Mexico. Realizing that Canadian winters hadn’t really warmed up much and weren’t likely to any time soon, John decided it was time to return to the warmth of Mexico and the Mayan World. It was then he knew to start a new business venture that would become Mundo Maya Brewing Company. John put his engineering skills to work and along with ideas developed with his colleagues in Toronto, he was able to engineer a completely-custom 10 barrel brew house. Together with some innovative brewing techniques, great beers started to develop. In early 2012, (an auspicious year?), testing began in Playa del Carmen with the local water supply. After a few batches and adjustments to the local water chemistry, the first recipes were in the books. Although Mundo Maya Brewing Company did not go to market in 2012, the foundation was set and the brewing ready to begin. Nothing worth doing well should be rushed, and after further equipment was developed and locations identified, the brew house was set to commence operation in Dec 2013. A new beginning in 2012 as the Mayan prophecy predicted. 

In 2020, coincidently another interesting year, Mundo Maya Brewing Company changed ownership hands. Now under the careful guidance of Henry Schultz and Ian Goldberg, Mundo Maya is preparing to reach new heights as Mexico’s premiere craft brewery. As owners, we are excited to provide to you, our customers, truly excellent hand crafted beers.