CBD Session Ale – The Shaman

Mayans have had a long history with marijuana, dating back centuries and depicted in their art. Large fields of the plant were harvested, ground to a fine dust, and combined with alcoholic beverages. It was also used as a medicine by the Ah’Men, the Mayan keeper of sacred knowledge and wisdom. Their practice of herbal medicine allowed them to be celebrated as healers of lives and communities. Mundo Maya Brewing Company created “El Ah’Men” by combining only the finest quality CBD with our low-alcohol Session Ale. We do not claim our beer will heal communities, but we do think it is a great tasting way to enjoy the healing qualities of CBD.

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Alcohol By Volume:4.5%
Original Gravity:
International Bittering Units: 17
Standard Reference Method:


  1. Henry

    Can it get better than hops and CBD?!

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