Light Lager – The Sunlight

First becoming popular in the mid-1980’s, the three best-selling beers of the USA today are all “Light” in style. Known as both a lower calorie and a lower alcohol beer, this combination often results in a near flavorless beer that is easy to drink. The challenge for any craft brewery was creating a beer that fits both profiles of lower calories and alcohol, plus of course remains easy to drink, yet appeases the craft beer junky with its flavor. Essentially our goal was to create a Light beer that did not taste like a Light beer. Strange? Perhaps so… but we believe we have succeeded where others have failed! We are pleased to present Luz de Sol to our year-round availability.

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Alcohol By Volume: 4.0%
Original Gravity:
International Bittering Unit: 14
Standard Reference Method:


  1. Henry

    Tastes great!

    Less filling!

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