Vienna Lager – The Snake

Despite Austrian heritage, the first Vienna Lager appeared in Mexico in the 1860’s. We bring it full circle as we combine the original Vienna malt with the local grains which were commonly used centuries ago as replacements to the hard-to-find Vienna malt. The result is the perfectly balanced Mayan infused Vienna Lager that is a very refreshing beer for our Caribbean afternoons. The pleasant dry finish is compliments to the generous amounts of German Hallertau and Hercules hops. A light roasted malt aroma is matched by its copper color. Soft yet complex on the mouth, fully rounded on the palate with a subtle bitterness.

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Alcohol By Volume: 5.1%
Original Gravity: 1.050
International Bittering Unit: 22
Standard Reference Method: 10


  1. Henry

    Love the complex body of this lager!

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